Dorsal Root Ganglion Advice

Posted by subaroux01 @subaroux01, Nov 19, 2019

I've had chronic bilateral foot pain for over 22 years. I've tried everything under the sun to treat it, to no avail. Does anyone have experience with the dorsal root ganglion block?

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@subaroux01 I have severe foot neuropathy, and I am also deciding on whether to use Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulator. I do know from all I have read, and talking to my pain doctor, that it targets lower body, focal points very well. I have heard that it is quite better than other stimulators for lower body. I may do the trial, but frankly, the thought of a permanent thing inside me is so frightening. But the severe pain is even more frightening, so I will most likely do the trial. I know it is so hard deciding. Good luck to you. I wish I could tell you more, but I am also deciding!!! Lori Renee

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