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Don't know where to start

Posted by @kelloggs in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Oct 17, 2011

I am at the end of my rope!!!! My mom injured her knee over a year ago. She has been to doctors, therpists, chriroprators, and even a gym to try to stop the pain. It started with her knee hurting which she thought happened when she was walking down a bank to a lake and twisted her knee. The pain got worse and worse, after about 2 months she went to her general doctor which could find nothing wrong with her leg or knee. She then tried a chriropactor which said that the mucsle was weak, but for over a year nothing they have done has helped. Her leg is swollen most of the time, the knee pops out of joint and is very painful. She has been to at least 10 different doctors or whatever else not one of them has been able to help. She is now unable to lift her leg to climb steps or to get into her vehicle, she hasn't slept more then 2 hours at a time for almost a year, she is depressed and in extreme pain most of the day. I dont know what else I can do for her. Please help!!!!


Posted by @starlight, Oct 21, 2011

Depending upon the age of your mom, she may be displaying signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis. Has she seen an Orthopedic Doctor? Does she have any pain anywhere else in her body such as her lower back, or in her groin area or hip. Sometimes pain in the groin area can signal a problem with the hip, and many times people who have knee pain can have hip problems. I have had both of my knees scoped (arthroscopy). One surgery was for a torn meniscus in the knee, the other one was for a patella tear in the knee. Both surgeries were accomplished by an Orthopedic Doctor. It seems that the swelling in her leg and knee should signal some sort of problem that could be diagnosed by a qualified physician such as an Ortho Dr. The popping sound in the knee sounds like a joint problem for sure. The pain I had in both of my knees when the tears occurred was very difficult to handle so I certainly can feel for your Mom. I hope this information will be of help to you.


Posted by @nativefloridian, Oct 22, 2011

Great advice, I have found orthopedic doctors to be excellent when it comes to joints. One that specializes in knees would be even better. I go to an orthopedic group of doctors in Orlando, Florida that each specialize in different areas. One is a 'hand' doctor, one specializes in 'shoulders and arms' and others specifically see patients for leg and knees only.

Did you check the Mayo website to see if there is a clinic near you? If not, maybe you can find an Orthopaedic clinic in your area.


Posted by @starlight, Oct 22, 2011

Yes, in the large City near me, there are two different Orthopedic Groups to serve the area. Both have specialists who, as you say, deal in specific parts of the body. Knees, hips, hands, feet, the back, shoulders, arms, etc. Some even treat scoliosis and other back conditions such as herniated disc. I also think your suggestion about checking the Mayo website is an excellent one. I think as time moves forward there will be more and more Orthopedic Groups practicing. Because the "baby boomer" generation is most likely to create many more patients. Simply because of their age and joint conditions. Another option for those who have joint and back challenges is "aquatic therapy". I've had great success with this therapy. It is basically a small size swimming pool, that has warm water, some exercise equipment in it, and physical therapists who specialize in exercises accomplished in the water. For those who have lots of pain, exercise in the water is wonderful, because you can do exercises that improve your walking skills, increase your endurance somewhat and straighten you up if your back is somewhat stiff and bent over due to arthritis. You never feel pain when you are in the water. The first couple of days after your session you might experience some soreness, but you only have treatments a couple of times a week, and after about 8-10 treatments you are released. Of course I would say the number of treatments and time spent in the water will be ordered according to each individual patient's needs.


Posted by @stacums, Nov 12, 2011

Don't give up,ever! God has a pan for us even thru our pain. I can relate<3


Posted by @stacums, Nov 12, 2011

Plan. I cant bend my wrists so I miss spell sometimes.


Posted by @sbcorsa, May 12, 2012

Just find a doc who will replace your knee...enough is enough

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