Does Hydroxyurea affect kidney function?

Posted by eileen11108 @eileen11108, May 24 7:15am

I am 79 with a one year diagnosis of ET JAK2. My platelets were slowly rising for several years before diagnosis and my kidney function was slightly lower. I have been taking 500 mg HU daily, then every other day, now three days a week. My platelets are now 519.

My CBC lab shows all my kidney functions considerably down. I am concerned about this but my primary says wait until next six month labs.

Is Hydroxyurea known to cause kidney issues? Anyone have this issue?


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Taking hydroxyurea for two plus years, 1000 mg daily.
I’m 79, treated for skin cancer, but kidney function has been fine. Good luck.


I have been on hydrea 500mg M-F for 3 years and kidney function is fine. Best of luck.


For a year now been on 1000 mg daily for ET. Platelets were 900 – 1200. Last blood test they were 481. Kidney function hasn’t changed for me.

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