Does anyone with NASH/NASH Cirrhosis have fevers??

Posted by ljeva1968 @ljeva1968, Oct 28 2:30pm

I’ve been running low grade to high fevers for 3 months now. In 2014 I was diagnosed with NASH fibrosis 3. The hepatologist says I don’t have cirrhosis and I’m only a fibrosis 1 now based on elastography scans. I don’t believe them because I always have liver pain. I’ve been to several specialists, tons of labs and imaging from head to my entire torso. The infectious disease doc said cirrhosis can cause fever. My fevers aren’t relieved by nsaids at all and spiked to 104 when I was outside in 80 degree weather one day. I don’t sweat off these fevers. They make me feel weak and sometimes throat hurts. This is destroying my quality of life. Does anyone relate or have info on this???? Help!! Losing my mind. Do I need a full body MRI. I want a MRE but those are hard to come by.

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I recently learned that thyroid dysfunction can cause NASH. The fever plus neck hurting are symptoms I had as well. Please ask for a FULL thyroid panel and ultrasound of your neck. Thyroid meds has fixed that issue for me. The thyroid is overlooked way too often.

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