Does anyone using Forteo not use the alcohol wipes before injections?

Posted by janflute @janflute, Mar 21, 2023

Does anyone using Forteo not use the alcohol swabs before injections?

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Hello @janflute I’ve not used Forteo, but for any injection, it’s important to disinfect the area where the needle will penetrate the skin. That’s a point of entry for bacteria to possibly be introduced into your body. The needle is sterile but the skin around where you inject, is not.

You don’t need to purchase alcohol swabs. A bottle of 70% or 90% isopropyl alcohol and a tissue will do the trick. Wet the tissue or a piece of gauze with the alcohol and rub the area for at least 15 seconds. Let air dry and then do the injection.

Is there a reason for not wanting to use alcohol swabs before an injection? Is this helpful for you?


I don't use swabs when I inject Tymlos daily.

My kid has type 1 and her docs have always said don't worry about it. She was told she could inject insulin through her jeans! In 29 years she has never had a skin infection.

It is different for pump and CGM because they stay in the body for a few days.

I am not sure any health professional is going to tell you this due to liability concerns but ask them (endos also do diabetes) and make up your own mind 🙂


I sometimes forget and have not had any problems with skin irritation.

I do try to move the injection to different areas daily. For a time I used mostly the middle belly area and started feeling like I had a pins and needles all the time in that region so now move from side to side every other day.

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