Does anyone know if I can get dental work done before starting reclast

Posted by sando @sando, May 27 4:43pm

I’m just done with Evenity ( 12 months) and need to start Reclast or Prolia. Dentists don’t seem to know so I need input as I need some teeth pulled and likely will not do an implant but something else, less involved. I thought I’d use the 2 month break from Evenity ( and anything else) to get oral surgury and a few partials…I’m nervous as I can’t find info or any facts about this! Thank you!

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Evenity has the lowest reported incidents of osteonecrosis. Evenity stays in your system for about 64 days after the last dose.
Forteo is used to promote healing in the jaw. And is used as treatment for osteonecrosis. I would want a prescription for Forteo during this time, and following. It is not commonly used following Evenity. I think that is because they didn't know that the last nine months of Evenity are actually antiresorptive.
Because the last nine are antiresorptive, i wouldn't want to follow Evenity with another antiresorptive especially Prolia (because I consider it a dangerous drug) but even reclast because there isn't sense in following the antiresorptive with an antiresorptive, and because anabolics build better bone.
I would start Forteo or Tymlos now and wait the 64 days for the dental work.
I write this with confidence only because I know that alternative ideas will follow.


I was on Tymlos and followed with Reclast. Before starting Reclast my endo required me to consult with my dentist.

My dentist said he would be OK as long as the jaw was not affected. The problem would be that it took about 6 months for the bone to fully heal. If something like that came up after I was on Reclast he would probably send me to a bone surgeon who could evaluate my
status at the time.

Although it does not surprise me that dentists are reluctant to discuss Reclast vs Prolia. Hopefully your dentist can answer your specific question and whether 2 months is sufficient recovery time.

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