Does anyone know anything about the Ken Burns Mayo documentary?

Posted by chicagomichelle @chicagomichelle, Jan 12, 2017

Does anyone have any info on this? I read a few things about it, he has been filming for about a year and has about a year to go. I would so love to be a part of it and tweeted him my story. I also tweeted him pictures of the turkey sandwich and invited him to lunch, so he likely thinks I’m a little nuts. Not sure how I became obsessed with that sandwich, other than it’s fantastic! 🙂

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Thanks for sharing this information @chicagomichelle!
Here are some of the details on the documentary.
I love that you tweeted him photos of the infamous turkey sandwich!


I got confused and responded to this in the other thread! This is really great and I would so love to be a part of it! I probably blew it with the turkey sandwich Tweet, but that’s OK! The world needs to know what really goes on here. Including the turkey sandwiches, I guess. Still working on that Bunnie cake. 😉

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