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Does anyone have these symptoms along with IBS?

Posted by @bettyann in Digestive Health, Aug 2, 2012

I have intermittant flare ups with IBS-D...and it started again a number of days ago (a lot of stressful things cropped up)... But for the last several days this has been my pattern: I am pretty OK in the morning, then I eat lunch...careful what I eat, (plus the stress level is down more now) but either within 15 minutes or sometimes longer, the diarrhea starts.
I could DEAL with diarrhea, but soon after (like an hour or so) I am hit with terribly overwhelming tiredness, as well as bloating, slightly headachy, and sometimes discomfort and some naussea... I feel a have a 'heavy sick like feeling' all over. This has been lasting for 4 or 5 hours... then if goes away and I can eat later in the evening with no problems.
Can anyone relate to this weirdness? I would really appreciate your replies.
Thank you!

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Posted by @madelinehowell, Aug 4, 2012

I have IBS and a lot of gastro symptoms and all the stuff you mentioned above. I have gotten a lot of relief from eating probiotic FOODS every day (I only take the probiotic capsules if on vacation). My favorite probiotic food is Keifer. Goat milk Keifer is the best as cows milk causes some symptoms, but the goat milk is more expensive. Have you heard of GAPS syndrome or the GAPS diet? It has helped me a lot and I just started on it this year. You basically rebuild your Gastrointestional system. It takes 2 years at least. No grains at all, not just avoiding wheat, all cooked food, (avoiding raw or uncooked foods-harder to digest) eating good wholesome meats (except pork) for maximum protein and good fat, no white sugar or processed foods. Maybe this will help. I'm getting better some already. Every one in a while I "clean out my system" using my own cooked chicken broth, honey, and water only---for a few days. It is really a hassle to have to struggle so hard to feel only half decent. People all around me are eating potato chips, cookies, hamburgers, cakes, you name it and have no problems.

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Posted by @bettyann, Aug 4, 2012

Thank you, Madeline, for such a nice, thoughtful reply. It came now just when I needed it... Just got done having a good cry because sometimes I just feel horrible and have NO IDEA what it is... but I think I need to seriously consider the diet you are talking about.
Sometimes I just feel horrible but can't pin down specific symptoms... and 'just rotten' is not something a dr wants to hear (or can help with...)
Thank you for your encouragement. It is something I really need right now. I go to the dr only for emergency situations...usually... and the thought of being through a dozen miserably invasive tests makes me shudder. Well, enough already.
Thank you so much. I appreciate you.


Posted by @roxie43, Aug 11, 2012

Hi Dear,
For some reason as we age we digest foods differently.. I love milk and anything with dairy but it does a nasty job on my tummy.. I would see a nutritionist and also monitor what you eat so you can know what flares up the problem.. I would keep a daily log for a few days to get a clearer picture.. Best of luck sweetie

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Posted by @bettyann, Aug 11, 2012

Hi Roxie, THANKYOU for your reply! I know what you give is most excellent advice,but with me, its just sorta odd. What I seem to be finding out is that I can ANYthing...but only once in awhile. But is DOES seem to help me to cut WAY back on white flour products and only eat them occasionally.
The less I eat at one sitting, the better off I am...
I hope you are doing well, Roxie! Take good care!

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Posted by @rebeccah, Aug 15, 2012

I too have flare ups with IBS. Yes, the diarrhea, bloating and tiredness. I have intense pain that started every time I take an antibiotic.The doctor thought it might be CDiff at first. Did your doctor diagnose it, or are you like a lot of IBS patients who do your own research because your doctor doesn't really have an answer for you? I think that's how a lot of patients end up going to the Mayo Clinic; they can never get a satisfactory diagnosis from their hometown doctor.


Posted by @bettyann, Aug 15, 2012

Hi Rebecca,
Yes, I was diagnosed with it -- rather offhandedly, but 'its in the charts!' πŸ™‚ I appreciate your writing and letting me of that possibility of which you spoke. I honestly do not suffer from 'intense pain' of any kind (except trapped gas pains at times) ...its more of an annoying, bothersome, dull feeling. But I can go for days, sometimes weeks without any kind of 'symptoms'... aside from when Mr. Diarrhea decides to have me make Olympic sprints to the bathroom! And there is NO figuring (or sensibility or consistancy) as to what will trigger that.
I do take good (expensive!) probiotics and nope, haven't had any kind of antibiotics because I know that kills good colon bacteria)...
Thank you so very much for your post, Rebecca. I appreciate it.


Posted by @rebeccah, Aug 15, 2012

When mine strikes, I give up on eating any solid food. I can only tolerate water, Gatorade, and weak tea. And sometimes vanilla flavor Ensure.


Posted by @rebeccah, Aug 15, 2012

P.S. I am on the probiotics also, and they do not cure anything; just makes it a little more tolerable. πŸ™


Posted by @rebeccah, Aug 15, 2012

I found a good herbal tea that seems to soothe mine. Bigelow's Lemon Ginger herb plus probiotics caffeine free tea.

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Posted by @rebeccah, Aug 15, 2012

It sounds like you have a good attitude to cope with IBS, and I am glad you are not having intense pain. The alternative medicine is the way to go; for me it's herbal teas.


Posted by @bettyann, Aug 16, 2012

Thanks, Rebecca, once again, for your concern. As I said in my original question, the problem I had been having was 'intermittant'.. hardly a steady one. So, it is nothing I am that concerned about. If this problem would be acting up on a steady basis, that would be another matter... but is does not.
I am very much into alternative medicine and avoid doctors unless it is absolutely a situation which makes me contact them. I don't believe 'the doctor keeps you healthy'... although whatever works for anyone it is 100% RIGHT for them... so please do not make the dire prediction that 'there will come a time when it will get worse'.... because that is not in line with any of my ALL. We create our own reality and what we BELIEVE will have the strongest tendency to come about. This is the voice of MY experience. ok? ok! πŸ™‚
I do thank you for taking the time to reply, however. I think I might think twice before I post a question again! πŸ™‚


Posted by @rebeccah, Aug 17, 2012

Wishing you all the best and hope you are feeling better.

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Posted by @bettyann, Aug 17, 2012

Thank you, again!


Posted by @bettyann, Aug 17, 2012

Rebecca, you will never know how thankful I am to you for making me see things more clearly... even though it came through, for me, in a fearful way...but sometimes you have to meet and face your Fear Dragons in order to make your choices. (Sometimes over and over again...) And I have. So thank you. It all comes down to faith and trust and what we believe in ... and that sometimes sees people on one end of the spectrum to the other. And its all alright.
We all have learned to look at 'healing' in different ways and it can vary, and its just fine to have a combination of ways. And there is no Right or Wrong in it ... its just what we do, what we choose.
Sometimes we test ourselves, and I did that... because even though you may think that this way off -- I still created what I heard from you and needed to hear, in order to choose...once again...what works best for me. So I SO sincerely thank you! Wishing you love and joy and all good stuff all the way around!! πŸ™‚


Posted by @mrsdeecee, Wed, Aug 3 at 11:13pm CDT

I totally beleive in holistic ways ! Went to eastern western med school I have pbs ala liver chi stagnation trying to hook up with Dr of Chinese medicine but will ask if he wants me to have blood tested might go to clinic where Iwent to scool ? They have massage tai chi acupucture and a pharmacie I have been on tuneric for years it works NY ptebyterian and other hosp are incorperate both types of medicine Chinese medicine is based on calming the shen aka mind first and always I never had a doctor foucusing on calming me down a combo is the way my ins cover accuputure? Good luck Deena


Posted by @oldmooncat, Wed, Aug 3 at 8:18pm CDT

Ditto. Sounds like my symptoms. I am tracking what I eat to try to determine what sets off the big D. I eat small portions and really limit the foods that are thought to set it off. I also started taking Caltrate Plus.

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Posted by @mrsdeecee, Wed, Aug 3 at 10:59pm CDT

You can eat bananas cut back on animal fats only lean cuts try to get goodfat from avacodo salmon and tuna steaks cooked no raw seafood bananas are Binding so be care full but loaded with potassium good luck

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Posted by @hopefully, Aug 27, 2012

I really do not know much about IBS, but I am learning a wealth of information about our colon and the problems that can occur after taking antibiotics. Because of an illness in April that required some stiff antibiotics I acquired c diff and it has returned now 5 times. I am interested in ways to help the body get the "good bacteria" back in the colon. A friend of our family had c diff and the doctor suggested drinking Kefir milk. It is like a smoothie and contains 10 great bacteria our colon needs. I was using Kefir and I did not have the struggle and pain from the other infections. I wonder if Kefir has helped. This is a great supplement for me and is helping me hold my weight at a safe place. This might be something that may help you. It is worth a try. It is kinda hard to find in stores. They place it near the Activa/cottage cheese in some stores. The best source is Aldi's for $2.79 a qt, Other stores it is priced at over $4 . Best wishes as you continue to find healing and hope.

Now if someone will help me find help and hope in my c diff battle.


Posted by @bettyann, Aug 27, 2012

Hi Hopefully!...thank you for your post. I have heard nothing but good things about Kefir. In fact, I think I have been motivated to try some. I know that supplements such as Kifer and probiotics help a lot, from personal account of what others have told me and taking them on my own. Not saying there can't be 'bad spells' ... but all in all, we get by those.
What helps me the most is taking Primal Defense Ultra (probiotics) by Garden of Life. I usually take 1 alternate 1 -- in the middle of the night when I have to do a bladder run! πŸ™‚ They work best taken on an empty stomach, that I know for sure.
THANK YOU for writing about the Kefir!
I am cutting out all wheat products and it is helping... have you tried a gluten free diet? Takes away a lot of comfort foods, but we always have to make our choices (doggonit anyway!! πŸ™‚


Posted by @agr205, Fri, Jul 8 at 1:16pm CDT

HI Hopefully ! I am new in this discussion panel. I have been suspected to be IBS-D. U mentioned about Kefir. u but but it from ALdi. Pl. confirm that. I would like to try it very much . I am in a Low FODMAP diet and I think it is helping me. U can try that too. Pl. let me know about kefir, where to buy. Thanks--Agr205


Posted by @kelseydm, Fri, Jul 8 at 2:25pm CDT

Hi @agr205. Welcome to Connect!

Kefir is a cultured milk product, similar to yogurt, that contains lots of probiotics and nutrients. I think most grocery stores carry it in the yogurt/milk section.

Can you tell us a little more about the3 Low FODMAP diet? That sounds interesting but I've never heard of it.


Posted by @mrsdeecee, Fri, Aug 5 at 10:43am CDT

Did you try thrive for keifer water and youcan get probiotics in pill form pricey always look on Amazon? Keifer water is part of Paleo auto immune diet. You can down load recipes on their site also on Pintest good luck in paleo aunto immune protocal I belive no dairy the probiotics in pill form has a lot more of the good bacteria than yogurt contains .

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Posted by @mrsdeecee, Sat, Aug 6 at 10:12am CDT

Just seen a show on Vice HBO they actually put good poop from a heathy person and put it in like an enema it works for people with crones collitisis IBS and so forth .they have been doing this for race horses since 1800 s if you have HBO you can down load HBOGO for free its called fecal medicine and works Im oppisite dont go enough actually you can google that hbo show have a friend that had part of his intestine out very dangerous operation good with bannana I think rice is also binding till you could come up with a plan! Good health to you Deena


Posted by @mrsdeecee, Sun, Aug 7 at 10:01pm CDT

Whole wheat in no good go whole grain instead!

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Posted by @hopefully, Aug 28, 2012

Bettyann thanks for your reply and information. I just had an appointment this afternoon with a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and I learned a ton of things about our immune system. She is suggesting going with gluten free and use milk alternatives for two weeks. It is a lot of things to think through and plan accordingly. I appreciate the info that you have given. My real name is Betty, I wasn't sure if I wanted to add that when I signed up. Hope your body is doing better with wheat free. More will follow later. Thanks ssssssssoooooo much!


Posted by @bettyann, Aug 28, 2012

Your post made me feel good and I thank YOU!! I am fortunate to have a doctor that will listen (sometimes tolerate might be the word! πŸ™‚ to me about 'natural' things... which included switching my chemical blood pressure and cholesterol meds to herbal ones with success! I started today keep a chart of my gluten free diet and told the doc I would send him a copy of it with a 'report' at the end of a month. Toodeloo!!


Posted by @cbs61752, Tue, Jul 5 at 10:55pm CDT

@hopefully and @bettyann, I also see a naturopath who has helped me immensely over the last four years. Thankfully, I no longer suffer from chronic sinusitis. I take omega three and DHA which have helped my dry eye condition. I also take an all natural fiber drink and herbs to relieve constipation. The herbs are pure and are carefully harvested and manufactured by Nature's Sunshine. Seeing my naturopath monthly and taking all natural herbs has made a huge difference in my life. Also, have learned a lot about the gut-head and body connection. My naturopath is very knowledgeable and explains details to me that my primary care doctor does not have the time to cover. However, my pcp, optometrist, and gastroenterologist are all open to the herbs that I take.

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Posted by @kelseydm, Wed, Jul 6 at 11:10am CDT

Hi @cbs61752. It's so nice to see you back! I hope you are doing well. For those who may not be familiar, can you give us a little lesson on exactly what a naturopath is and what they do? Maybe some insight into what an appointment looks like? I've heard so many people recommend naturopaths. I'm glad to hear it made such a difference for you!


Posted by @cbs61752, Thu, Jul 7 at 1:42am CDT

I have been seeing a certified naturopath on a monthly bases since 2012. She has her PHD in naturopathic studies, which is an all natural approach to striving for optimal health. Like a medical doctor, she has an in depth understanding of the body's organs, and how they function in the various systems. In addition, she is knowledgeable about herbs, and how they are used to strengthen the body at the cellular level. Herbs are all natural plant based supplements. They do not contain any dyes or fillers, which can be toxic and stressful to the body. She also might recommend essential oils which can be used in a diffuser.

Each time I have an appointment, I tell her how I am feeling, and I do a Compass Survey. This is done by putting my hand on a plastic hand that is connected to her computer. This generates a report which reflects how my bio markers are functioning and if any are not aligned properly. (Don't ask me how this actually works, it just does, and is usually accurate.) For example, it might show that I have been stressed out, had joint pain, inflammation, infections, etc.. The report will also suggest a particular herb as a remedy.

The next thing she does is muscle testing, which to me seems a bit hocus pocus. Seriously, I don't know how it actually works, but I will attempt to explain. With one of her hands touching various herbs, she pushes down on my extended arm with her other hand. Supposedly, if my arm dips down, it means my body likes that herb, because my body knows what it needs. Actually it seems to me that my arm dips down every time she pushes on it, but she evidently knows how to read my reactions. (Ok, are you still with me?) So she puts all the herbs that I liked in a basket and then proceeds to write up each herb and how many and when I should take it, i.e. breakfast, lunch, and/ or dinner. When I go home, I order the herbs online from Nature's Sunshine, a reputable herb company.

The cost of the office visit is $35, but I spend a good $100 each month on the herbs. This of course is a considerable amount of money on a monthly basis, but I stay healthy and don't have to go the doctor and buy prescriptions. After suffering for years with chronic sinusitis, this is definitely working for me. The whole premise is that she does not treat diseases, but rather she suggests herbs based on what my body instinctively knows that it needs. A rather interesting concept, wouldn't you say?


Posted by @hopefully, Aug 28, 2012

Thanks again to read your post, it is so positive to communicate with others that are having some unsolved health issues. When I first saw your site I really didn't consider how they were somewhat related. I am so thankful for this method of "sharing and encouraging" in this struggle. I have wanted to start a sharing site like this for the past 3 months and didn't get it done. I am so glad that I found this site last week. I was so tired I just didn't even turn on the computer until now.
As I understand you are just starting gluten free. I hope your day is going better.


Posted by @gregoryd, Sep 5, 2012

Google " Chris Kresser". He is a doctor who has an amazing article on intestinal issues. It's fairly long, but just keep reading and I think you will get some answers and information to help you.


Posted by @bettyann, Sep 5, 2012

Thanks, Gregory!!
I was amazed at some of the things he talked about. We have it so instilled in us that veggies and fruits and the 'sacred foods'...and so we tend to just believe it, even when we are having a reaction -- and then blame something else that is NOT the culprit. That's what I have been doing. I just could not believe that the squash I've eaten with meals several times was what was triggering my ibs...but AH HA!!...the cape is thrown back and the truth is revealed! ha! πŸ™‚
I appreciate your post!!

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Posted by @gregoryd, Sep 5, 2012

You are very welcome. I felt some empowerment myself after reading his article. It makes very good sense when it's put together in that way. I am on my quest to resolve this SIBO nonsense. Hopefully I've at least found the path I need to take. I'm glad it helped you. God Bless.


Posted by @katiedunn, Oct 19, 2012

Where can I find this article?


Posted by @bettyann, Oct 19, 2012

Try this:

However as was suggested, GOOGLE Chris Kresser and just explore the different articles. What I do since I don't eat a lot of fresh or cooked veggies, is drink either Naked or Odwalla or Bolthouse fresh veg juice... maybe only a 1/3 of a cup a day...and this agrees with me. Good luck!


Posted by @bettyann, Oct 19, 2012

Just thought I would add an update and maybe it might help someone! That would be good. At my daughter's suggestion I have been been eating NO GRAINS...not just no wheat...but NO grains... I thought I would 'just die' without pasta even the good ol' rice pasta, but you know what? It is HELPING!!
Forget the gluten free (for me!) I am really GLAD that the gluten free diet works well for some people...but for me, it doesn't... in fact, the gluten free bread makes me feel sick, same way with gluten free macaroni....
I am not so strict that I can say not one tiny smidgeon of grain never passes my lips... but I just substitute. Thank heavens for mashed potatoes! I have also discovered that American cheese is not my friend.... I know we are all different. And what works for some doesn't work for others. The FODMAP is not an end-all perfect idea for EVERYbody... we just have to keep working to find out what is best for each of us. Good luck!!


Posted by @jeremybabbs, Mar 8, 2013

Does anyone have bile/mucus in stool? Im having this problem along with the same as everyone else here!


Posted by @holly5757, Tue, Apr 26 at 1:11pm CDT

I am in my 40's and have had IBS most my life, but the last 3 years it has gotten unbearable. The bloating and nausea are very tiring. i believe I have tried most everything. (gas meds, prescription nausea meds, dicyclomine, amitriptyline, Heather's IBS herbal meds. Does anyone have any other suggestions that has helped you?


Posted by @chnaumann, Wed, Apr 27 at 11:15am CDT

I’m sure you have heard that smoking two (tobacco) cigarettes per day works well with some IBS sufferers. Perhaps pot would do the same or better ? Best wishes.


Posted by @missie, Fri, May 6 at 9:55am CDT

Hi, I also have IBS and my gastro put me on psyllium husk fiber. I buy
Costco brand, Kirkland or there is Metamucil. ​ He started me on 2 a day
but you can go up if needed. Take it 2 hours before or after you eat
food. I have mild IBS and it has worked for me. Hope this helps, Missie


Posted by @colleenyoung, Tue, Apr 26 at 3:40pm CDT

Welcome to Connect @holly5757.
I moved your message to this existing thread where you'll meet @bettyann @gregoryd @rebeccah and others, and see some of the things that have helped them.

I'm also tagging @citylady @missie @mgnunez75 @boogirl @uneeq1 @bobsconnect @luladavis who have been talking about IBS more recently. For example see this thread:

Holly, why do you think things have changed, especially in the last 3 years?


Posted by @holly5757, Tue, Apr 26 at 4:12pm CDT

I have always had a lot of stressors in life in general. I did get married last year and I thought life leading up to my wedding was the culprit. But as it has been over a year and I am still having the same issues i am thinking that was not it.
I am positive my gastroenterologist is shaking his head to himself at every appointment I have had as nothing has worked as of yet.


Posted by @luladavis, Fri, Apr 29 at 7:36am CDT

IBS WoW! It teaches me every day.. of my do's and don't' when it comes to what to put in my gut..dairy products are a no-no for me..when the urge permit itself I spurge and suffer the consequences..with that been said I suffer the consequences with almost everything I put in my don't like hardly nothing anymore..I'm learning to listen to it though because its's either listen to it or walk around looking 9mos preggo LOL..I use 50 billion unit of probiotics and I noticed my bowels move without me drinking a magnesium citrate Everyday..I have diarrhea..that about it for that..I could go on and on but what's the use..
God bless each and every one of u wonderful peeps..peace

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