Does anyone have a stitch in her eye?

Posted by ashby1947 @ashby1947, Aug 8, 2019

After Tube Shunt surgery for glaucoma in December, 2018, the doc placed several sutures in my eye. He removed all but one shortly thereafter. The one that remains, is because to remove it could cause a serious drop in IO pressure and "deflate" the eyeball. Yes, I can see it at the right angle, but it is not visible otherwise. However, I can feel it. It is not so much painful as it is a sensation. If I'm tired I notice it more, and my vision seems a bit more blurry. However, I am almost always aware of it unless I am otherwise engaged thoroughly in something. I have diplopia as a result of the surgery and am still adjusting to that.

Has anyone had Tube Shunt surgery? What were your results? Any diplopia? And if you have a stitch in your eye, for any reason, can you feel it? All thoughts and comments welcome. Regards, Sue

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Hi there. I have not had your specific situation but have had stitches in my eyes from cornea transplants. Stitches were left in both eyes permanently or until they broke free and had to be removed. I never felt them unless they became loose and then it was an awful feeling! Terrible scratching and irritation. I had to get to my Dr. asap for removal. I'm hoping you get some resolve with your problem and wish you all the best.

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