If you have a hip replacement, will 1 leg be longer?

Posted by SNUGGLE @SNUGGLE, Nov 28, 2015

does any one know if you have a hip replacement 1 leg will be longer than other Thank you

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Hi Snuggle,
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A difference in leg length is a common concern for people considering a hip replacement. This article states “Your surgeon takes steps to avoid the problem, but occasionally a new hip makes one leg longer or shorter than the other. Sometimes this is caused by weakness in the muscles surrounding the hip. In this case, progressively strengthening and stretching those muscles may help.” You can read more about hip replacement surgery here: http://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/hip-replacement-surgery/basics/definition/prc-20019151

There are also studies that review different ways to help avoid the problem, known a limb discrepancy. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4094096/

Are you thinking about getting a hip replacement, Snuggle?


Ive had both done and had no issue with this


I have just had both hips done 6 months apart the most recent January 21, 2016. My last visit to my surgeon of 6 weeks says no difference of leg length. I have a slight feeling when I walk the leg / hip that was just done maybe slightly shorter. I feel like I’m dipping to that side when walking. As some of the studies show it could be muscle and also since I have been diagnosed with Mergelia Parethasis nerve of the outer thigh on the other leg. Not sure this helps. But his us my case. Cheers Dave


I had heard this too before my hip replacement and mentioned it to my Dr,, I advised I was pretty short already and wanted him to reassure me that the new hip and socket would not make me shorter or make me lopsided, I’ve had the hip for 3 years now and it seems to be functioning very well, My right knee is a problem now and I hate to go through the “lovinox” shots to thicken up blood for the surgery again so am going to try a knee brace to see it that helps, Surgery is hard to recover from when you’re 80.

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