do cuts in chemo dose, prolonged treatment cycles lower cure rates

Posted by stparker54 @stparker54, Oct 21, 2020

Because of my low platelet count, my onc has reduced my chemo dosage and scheduled my treatments about 5-6 weeks apart. Treatments normally are 3 weeks apart. My platelet count today (Oct 21) was 77,000. Normal count is 150,000-300,000. So this means I'll have to wait another 2 weeks for next chemo treatment, assuming my platelet account is okay. I'm scheduled for 2 more chemo treatments after that, which means I'll be having chemo until January 2021. My question for everyone is: will these prolonged treatment cycles, plus slightly reduced chemo dosage, lower my cure (remission} rate for my endometrial cancer?

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@stparker54, I totally understand your concern and your question. Unfortunately, I believe the answer is that no one here can answer that question. For others, I'll also link to your related discussion on this topic:
– Platelet Count Low: Chemo Delayed

In my layman way of explaining, everyone reacts differently. You're concerned that your new course of treatment is not following the typical course of treatment. But that standard of care was developed through research of thousands of women and then averaging the most commonly effective treatment and dose with the best acceptable toxicity (side effects). Does this mean that the standard treatment is the right dose and frequency for every woman? NO. That's like saying we all fit into a size 10 dress. We don't.

So your team started you with the standard dose and frequency, and is adjusting according to the response of YOUR body.

I know you don't want to be different here. You want to be standard. You want to be that typical size 10 dress. But, being different doesn't have to be negative. Perhaps your body is more sensitive to the drugs. Perhaps the lower platelet count means the drugs are working. Perhaps the long time frame is better for you. I've got my fingers crossed that your platelets have recovered and that you will be able to have treatment this coming week.

Will you have a chance to talk with your oncologist or your oncology nurse at this week's appointment to ask some of these questions?


Colleen: thanks for your understanding response. Yes, I will have a chance to speak to my onc this week stparker54


Colleen: thanks for your understanding response. Yes, I will have a chance to speak to my onc this week stparker54

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@stparker54, great. I'll be interested in their explanation and what you learn. Keep asking questions. They're important.

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