DNA testing

Posted by llg @llg, Oct 18, 2023

Has anyone had a DNA test to try to find out what type of neuropathy you have? If so, what test did you use.

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Is anyone getting IVIG infusions?

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I have done several rounds of IVIG in past 2 years and I’m sorry to say,it did nothing for me.
My symptoms remained the same, I remained the same after 6-8 mos of infusions.I would get 2 days every 3 weeks.
Since they didn’t help me, my neurologist and I decided to stop them.


I'm sorry it took so long to respond!!
It was ordered by my Phycologist, iT's called GENOMIND. I'm sorry I don't have a phone no.
Thank You for the information. I'm will be asking my Psy. for a test for what pain Medications are good for me.
Have a good day and good luck!!!!

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