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Posted by @claudia11 in Just Want to Talk, Jun 4, 2012

14 months ago I suddenly became dizzy. It has been constant for over 13 months. Have been to various local doctors and have been prescribed various medications and physical therapy. MRI in an open machine has been normal for brain,ear canals and eyes. I also have extensive osteoarthritis.

Am 58 years old and now do not work or even drive. I welcome hearing from you.

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Posted by @paul46, Jun 17, 2012

Something similar happened to me when I retired at 63 years old.I done lots of tests including 4 MRIs,a PET scan and lots more of all types of tests and they could find nothing medically wrong with me, but I was diagnosed with MSA,they said on observation and information from me about symptoms.I hope you have better luck than me,but it is better to find out one way or another.


Posted by @claudia11, Mar 3, 2013

What is MSA?
Irecently had an MRI in a closed machine. It showed an AICA loop extending into my left ear. My specialist thinks it might be compressing the vestibular nerve but he is not sure.There are some meds to try but thst is about it. All the doctors I have spoken to said surgery for this is high risk and if the meds do not help just learn to live with it.

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