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diverticulitis and diet

Posted by @smcumber, May 11, 2012

I just had my first diagonosed bout with diverticulitis. I am interested in ideas about diet from where I am right now: clear liquids and how I might progress safely from clear liquids to normal diet for this diagnosis. What are some successful things you have done with diet following an attack?



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Posted by @joyce22w, Jun 1, 2012

I too have been struggling with diverticulitis for numerous years.

If not taken care of you eventually will end up with some kind of surgery to remove the pouch’s that is causing the pain and inflammation.

I had what was called hand assisted sigmoid (literally cutting you open and pulling out your colon/intestine and cutting it off) in December 2009. Can I say it was easy? No. Do I feel better? Yes. Unfortunately I was advised after surgery that it wasn’t only in the lower part of the colon as originally thought I have pockets all through the colon/intestine.

I stay on a strict diet of no raw vegetables, no fresh fruit, no peanuts, pop-corn, any thing with a hull, no spice (salt and pepper are my best friend), no hot items, as in salsa, green peppers (any peppers), no salads, the list is endless. Is it hard? Yes. I have sampled a few of the above only to pay a dear price for it and it’s not worth the pain. If I chose to go back to the old habits then I chose to have all of my colon/intestine removed.

Because you seem to be in the early stages, you could follow the above listed for items not to eat a couple of weeks to get it under control. Then you can slowly add an item back. If this item irritates your system mark it off the list for awhile.

Trust me; don’t be as stubborn as I was as I lived on mashed potatoes and baby food way too long. If you can get a hold of it in the early stages life will be so much better.

I wish you luck and understand your pain! Surf the net for list of items that can help. Beware of the links that state you can eat anything if you have diverticulitis as this is not true. Give it a try…..

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