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Has anyone had success in claiming disability with small fiber neuropathy? I have it bad in both feet. Along with 5 degenerative disc in my back and neck. I am trying to get to February and retire. But need social security to do it. Thanks in advance for your assistance

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Hello @pell. If you are comfortable sharing, have you started the claim process yourself yet? The listing of impairments that can make a person eligible for SSI can vary greatly and ultimately are decided upon by a case review. Here is a link that has a general list of impairments, https://www.ssa.gov/disability/professionals/bluebook/listing-impairments.htm. You may notice the first sentence of the impairments page reads, "The Listing of Impairments describes, for each major body system, impairments considered severe enough to prevent an individual from doing any gainful activity." Here is a section that talks about categorized issues from spinal cord issues, https://www.ssa.gov/disability/professionals/bluebook/11.00-Neurological-Adult.htm#11_00D1.

I spent some time in my late teens and early 20s on SSI due to a genetic bleeding disorder and chronic joint damage that prevented me from being able to work any meaningful hours. The process are arduous and the interviews were uncomfortable in my experience because I was essentially explaining why I couldn't work, despite the fact that I wanted to work. The process can sometimes take awhile, have you started the application process yet?


I recently received notice the my disability claim had been approved. My case might be a little different as along with the neuropathy in my hands and feet I also have had a battle with cancer. The best thing to talk with someone with Social security and apply. I think you have to be off work for 5 months before they will consider your case. Good luck with whatever path you take.


@pell I applied for disability many years ago so my experience may be dated. I also applied for another reason as my neuropathy came after I was already declared disabled. As has been stated, you can not get disability until after you have been disabled for at least 6 months; however, they can back date your application so that once approved you get a lump sum payment to cover the 6 month period before you applied. I had to go on welfare and borrow on my credit card to pay the bills. Once I got the lump sum payment, the amount I got from welfare was deducted and sent to the state. What was left I was able to pay my credit card. Be aware that social security in the u.s. is only 40 per cent of what you used to make. Yes the application process is complicated and long. I suggest you call your local government to see if they can help you out with bills and other things. If you have a friend or relative who can help with the paperwork, that would be great. The benchmark for determining disability is if you can be gainfully employed. The amount is different across the U.S. so you would have to find out what that would be in your area. If for instance, the amount was 1100 a month, then you would need to prove you cannot earn 1100 a month. The other option is to consult an attorney, but they do take a percentage of any award you get.


@pell - Here's some information that might be helpful.

Social Security Disability Benefits for Neuropathy: https://www.disability-benefits-help.org/disabling-conditions/neuropathy-and-social-security-disability

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