Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), an organic sulphur compound

Posted by marthajean @marthajean, Apr 8, 2019

Has anyone tried to use this topically for relief of osteoarthritis joint pain? Someone in my place of employment suggested this for relief of arthritis discomfort. I've been reading about this but am reluctant to try it without consulting with my physician as I am on high blood pressure medication. Also, I cannot envision myself being in close proximity to people on a commuter bus as well as in my office with the known effects of having bad breath and body odor during usage.

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Hello @marthajean. Your instinct to consult with your physician before trying any new supplement or medication is wise. Here is an excerpt from Mayo Clinic on dimethyl sulfoxide for arthritis pain, "Claims that dimethyl sulfoxide is effective for treating various types of arthritis, ulcers in scleroderma, muscle sprains and strains, bruises, infections of the skin, burns, wounds, and mental conditions have not been proven."

@marthajean, is your arthritis pain increasing and that is why you are considering or inquiring about other potential relief sources?

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