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Digestive issues

Posted by @anon04329749, Aug 10, 2012

I am debating on going to the mayo clinic . In march I went to the emergency room had pain so bad I was crying and my stomach is very big told me acid reflux put me on meds did nothing . Then went to GI doctor had colonoscopy and endoscopy found ulcers . Then went back yesterday had another endoscopy ulcers are gone still have horrible pain that bring me to tears and stomachs still very huge. Think maybe Celiacs but I don’t know any one have any suggestions. Or should I just come to mayo and see what they say?



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Posted by @salledell, Aug 10, 2012

Hi Kayleigh,

Sounds like it could be celiac. Go to and see what is involved with gluten sensitivity. You may find it sounds like what you have. It may be hard to find a doctor who believes that your symptoms could be gluten related.
I had problems for years and finally found the solution when a nutritionist the Dr. sent me to mentioned wheat and gluten issues. Duh–my daughter had celiac disease when she was a toddler, and it does run in families. So I went gluten-free for several months and voila, the problems were gone. I got the gluten test later( I stoked up on pasta and pizza for several days before the test and amazingly, I had no problems with the gluten) and the test scores were all very high for gluten reaction.
Sometimes people act as if a little bit of gluten shouldn’t be a problem, but I find I sometimes have symptoms of gluten ingestion. I go looking for the culprit and sure enough, I might find the container of sherbet lists “modified food starch” as an ingredient. I think that most food starch these days is corn or other non-gluten source, but back a few years, you were taking a it was mostly wheat.
Good luck in finding the source of your problems and I hope you are soon feeling better.


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Posted by @anon04329749, Aug 16, 2012

Thank you for the advice I am now doing a breath test to see what find out. Still really leaning towards going to mayo.


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Posted by @berry, Sep 14, 2012

Could be Celiac or Gluten sensitivity both would cause these symptoms. Only Celiac can be tested, sensitivity cannot.
Stomach burning and bloating could be caused by sensitivity to bleached flour if you use it daily. This can also cause inflammation of the esophagus.

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