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Posted by Stephy @mattsteff21817, Jan 1, 2019

So , My navy veteran hubby has been out of the military for 7 years, while he served however he was quite the drinker when in port. He believes the stomach/digestive issues hes having stems from abusing his systems all those years of drinking/partying while in port. However, he cant seem to eat or drink anything of substance or even a light snack without getting cramping/gas/upset stomach/and diarrhea. And its within 15 minutes usualy the symptoms start. HEs never seen blood in his stool or anything like that…please someone out there if you have ever heard of this….I have heard of gluten doing this and i dont believe thats the problem either….but either way I am going to try and take gluten out to see if that works 🙂

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Oh my! He needs to see a doc right away. So many things it could be! Gastroparesis possibly? Get your hubby to a doc!


Could be several things- that’s why he should see a GI doctor to evaluate.


luky06 you had no choice.İ think you should go a doctor immediately.


Hello, @mattsteff21817 , gluten removal may help his symptoms but the symptoms could be related to a serious condition. I don't want to scare you, but he really should have a good physical exam with his Primary Care Physician. Bowel obstruction, ulcers, Chrohns Disease, and all sorts of things could be causing his symptoms. His PCP can refer him to a Gastroenterologist for further testing. Has your husband lost a lot of weight with this problem? Please let me know how he is doing, after he is doing well on the gluten free diet. I am hoping that you find some answers soon, for your peace of mind.



Hi @mattsteff21817,

I wanted to follow-up to see if your husband found the cause of his discomfort. Did he consult with a doctor? Has he managed to find some relief?


I was just diagnosed with Microscopic Colitis which has similar symptoms. I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy to identify the problem. I, too would recommend seeing a gastroenterologist to find out the reason for your discomfort. I was miserable up until my being prescribed meds.

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