Difficulty with androgen deprivation (ADT): what helps?

Posted by sailorman2003 @sailorman2003, Jan 11 4:20pm

I am taking Eligard for a year now and gained 25 lbs and have depression and fatigue. I have a friend taking degarilix and he has no trouble at all. Is that a known benefit or just a difference in tolerance to low testosterone?

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I've been struggling with weight issues with degarelix (Firmagon) as well, though I was also on Pregabalin (Lyrica), which l've just titrated off.

There's no easy answer: "exercise more" is easier said than done when the other side-effects of ADT include fatigue. If your prostate cancer is non-metastatic, you might be able to take a "treatment holiday" — it would be worth discussing with your onco team. Studies have shown that when the prostate cancer hasn't metastatasised yet, taking holidays (until your PSA starts to rise again) doesn't reduce overall survival, and can help reduce other health issues. That's not an answer for me, unfortunately, so I'm just learning to live with it.


I had RP and had barely gotten back on my workout routine before the SRT and ADT.

I'm on orgovyx, originally I gained about 15-20 lbs, fairly quickly. I upped my workout game a little and changed my eating habits, less snacking, better quality of home prepared foods. (Mostly salads for lunch and stir fried veggies and a protein of fish or chicken for dinner). It took a lot longer to turn it around but I'm down to about my last couple pounds that I want to get rid of.

I also believe in moderation in all things, so, I do treat myself to a nice restaurant meal about once a week and maybe a cooked breakfast once a week. Really looking forward to getting off this stuff! You can only eat so much salad!
Good Luck going forward!


Here's my clinical history.

ADT twice, Lupron for 18 months and now Orgovyx for 12 months.

What helps...


None of those have to be extreme, just "do it" as the famous Nike slogan goes.

Both times despite working out almost daily, eating moderately, staying active, etc, I gained 12-15 pounds, mainly in the mid section. My cardiologist said "Kevin, I want you to lose 12 pounds..." My response, me too! However, it's hard to go ride your bike 25, 35, 50 miles on a bowl of yogurt with some fruit and granola mixed in! Same with going to the gym, lifting weights, swimming, indoor bike or elliptical

So, I avoid 2nd helpings, potato chips, cookies, etc, but I do enjoy a nice steak, a Manhattan sometimes in the evening...

I do take naps when the fatigue really kicks in.

I can do better at the hydration part though.

By activity, I mean live your life. I go on vacations with my wife, walk the dog, garden, go out to concerts...I can assure you, while I'm doing those things, PCa is not on my mind!



I have been on Orgovyx for 44 days...my sentence is 6 months. I am a small guy, typically 136 pounds. I lost 8 pounds prior to starting Orgovyx and have so far managed to keep it all off.
As with any weight loss regiment it is the intake that is at least as important as calories burned. The exercise, particularly weight bearing, is important to minimize muscle loss. I have been reading labels and looking up sugar content of fruit (I eat a lot of fruit) to cut way back on all sugars. I have stopped (temporarily) drinking. I am watching snacking and portions. We eat very little red meat and eat a lot of vegetables. I hit the gym for an hour and a half 3 days a week doing elliptical, abs, weight machines, pullups and stretching. I do dumbbells at home 2-3 times a week. I walk 18 holes of golf once a week, and take a 3 mile walk at least twice a week.
So far I am managing the same weights and time on the elliptical. I have only had about 4 hot flashes. I know I am early in the length of treatment, be so far so good.

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