Dietary Changes Before and After Colon Cancer

Posted by Jackie, Alumna Mentor @travelgirl, Jul 3, 2018

I am wondering how many people changed their diets after they were diagnosed with colon cancer? What foods have you lost the desire to eat?
Do you think that cutting out red meat, and processed foods it will keep the cancer form returning?

I know I used to eat way more red meat prior to my colon cancer diagnosis.
Now I seldom have a taste for red meat, and processed foods.

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I did change somewhat- much less red meat; more plant based diet. Eat chicken some and some fish. What I notice is that processed Foods are like huge Circle K of eating- VERY convenient but very costly. It takes time to prepare a good plant based diet and meals. Just finished my second year post resection and after 3 poor preps for the colonoscopy they kind of gave up- said come back next year- you are probably OK- hmmm. Not sure why preps were so poor- did them by the book. Will be asking my primary care doc for referral for work up with Mayo. I am 67 and very active – I want and need answers. Bill

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Hi travelgirl
yes there was an immediate check post surgery; however I had to be most assertive to get the one year recheck–which apparently was also clear. Was told I needed one every year for three years, and then if clear,I could go the 5 year plan. My second year recheck was problematic–you can read that in some other posts–advice to all as was drilled into me–be your own advocate!! Make your expectations known–not your wishes, not your hopes, your expectations. Doctors are people- they certainly deserve respect, but they work for me not the other way around. I "fired" my latest GI–was told he did not talk to patients after procedures…..OK- I wont be on your patient list any longer…and I will be sure to tell any others my story. Best to you,


Thank you everyone for your advice and experience sharing with all. My Mom had Colorectal cancer and had a critical surgery in 2016. She went back to check and scan one year after the surgery and everything was clear. Doctors were delighted with the news since she is 80 years old. My Mom is also very careful with food. Her diet changed after the surgery. She eats less meat and more organic stuff. She eat fish and more vegetables and fruits. She does not eat spicy and oily stuff anymore. This keep maintain her health. She may have to do yearly check up soon. She has an issue with the constipation time to time.
So grateful for the group that we can share our experience and suggestion to all who suffers colorectal cancer and those along with the care givers.Thank you so much. We wish and pray for everyone. Be strong and positive and always hope for the best. Best wishes, Soul


Welcome to Connect, @jollysal. Love your healthy habits and attitude.

To everyone, did you see that we're hosting a video Q&A with Mayo Clinic experts on the topic:
"Cancer-Fighting Foods"
Thu, Aug 23, 2018
12:00pm to 12:45pm CT

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And post your questions before the broadcast.


My mother had a colonoscopy that was incomplete. they couldn't get through the diverticulosis. She ended up with a virtual colonoscopy. That diagnosed stage 4 colon cancer. A section removed & nothing in her lymph nodes. But 4 months now and she is having constant leakage of mucus and diarrhea every so often. Tried probiotics. they haven't helped. Anyone else have this issue?

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Miralax helps regulate bowel function – I take it every day along with Benefiber.


5.7 cea after 5 year checkup


Hello azcyclist. My colonoscopy prep was incomplete because i had a constriction in my colon. I could feel the prep products rumbling in my decending colon but it just couldnt pass through the constriction. Maybe you could do the ColoGuard test?
Three preps, not fun.

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This happened to me too. I didn’t realize I had a blockage until I did the prep. I’ve never had a problem prior to this. I started throwing up eventually and I knew something was wrong

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