Diet while on Farxiga

Posted by dextolen @dextolen, Mar 22 8:05pm

Hi, I have had T2 for 20+ years. I've been doing 'low carb' (First Atkins, then "South Beach" now Keto) for about 8 years. I have taken my HbA1c from 11 to 5.4 and kept it there for 4 years now. I did not lose much weight on keto, however, and suspect it's the amount of nuts and keto friendly snacks, intake vs. exercise.

I started spilling protein in my urine last year – small amounts but scared me. I quit drinking and reduced sodium, got my BP under control with lifestyle/ARBs, and my microalb. went under 30. Lately, I've been waking BG of 130ish. (normally 105 or so) and finding it harder to stay keto. (Burned out?) My microalb went up to 32, my A1c to 6.3 and my doctor recommended Farxiga.

I've been reading about all the side effects and it appears dangerous to be on strict Keto while on it – risk of ketoacidosis. I'm not really doing strict keto anyway, but wonder how many carbs I should intake daily to keep me safe from this but still reduce my a1c back into the 5's.

I'd be curious what others have tried and their experiences.

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