Diet and mesenteric panniculitis

Posted by sherib73 @sherib73, Sep 2, 2021

A dietician has suggested a vegan diet for reducing MP/SM. Has anyone found this to provide relief?

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I personally just started juicing. I have Mesentery Panniculitis, with Mesenteric Mass & concern for Lymphoma (3x Non Hodgkin's survivor), that's been going on all year now. I removed all dairy (kept eggs for protein), started a regimen with smoothies during afternoon but slowly added too much - volume is an issue as you swell up a bit and if you took up all your room with food, water, liquids, etc - there's no room for the swelling associated with this and the lymph nodes that swell.

I eat Salmon at night with dinner, with Avacado slices, and a very limited side dish. Fats in general are reduced. I've wondered if the Omegas in Salmon and fish cause issues, but apparently not? Meat had to be 100% discontinued other than ground clean turkey or chicken, my wife makes that into a sausage kind of thing with seasonings that are all natural.

Boxed foods gotta go, lack of hydration = pain, fresh fruit and veggies - but get a juicer!!

Pulp itself is so bulky it causes issues getting through that already irritated and often inflamed small bowel, that's my theory anyway as juicing over the last few days just stopped a bloat feeling I was getting with the smoothies.

Gotta be careful with those too, as they need to be limited in size. I was doing 32 oz smoothies, way way too much!!!

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