Diet and Eating for Your Blood Type

Posted by semeon @semeon, Jan 23, 2021

I have prostate cancer diagnosed in 2014 no Mets, I researched a treatment approach for about 5 months during this period I did a high dose Vit C treatment 4x a week for 3 months, did 12 hyperbaric high oxygen load treatments. I did this to just try and keep stable and finally decided on focal laser ablation and did one treatment in 2014 and another in 2018. I took this approach as I did not want surgery or radiation. I also use Phoenix Tears marajuana oil every night which gives me a good sleep and no waking for bathroom breaks or night time sweats. For me quality of life was more important then length of life. Other people likely differ in their views and I am fine with that. I am on Lupron now for 30 months and going for next injection in Feb. I also have allergies so I did a detail allergy test which gave me some surprising results on foods I should not eat. Also my daughter had mentioned about eating for your blood type. I never heard of this anyway I was so surprised with strong correlation between my allergy stay away food and stay away food for my blood type.

My question is does anyone have info related to a healthy correlation of food/blood type and cancer?

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@semeon, I had not heard of eating for your blood type either but I did find some information from the Harvard Medical School that discusses and provides some thoughts on it. Hopefully some other members may have personal experience with it.

Diet not working? Maybe it’s not your type:


Thank you John, I look at the site. I am fine with my diet however I was wondering if if could do better. Strangest damn thing my detail allergy tests showed stay away from pineapple, almonds, some beans, beef, bananas, oranges. And some others. Heck I was eating a lot of these things everyday and when I saw what not to eat for my blood type these foods were confirmed again. I would not have believed it if it were someone else but it’s my personal experience. Crazy eh! So I believe there is some merit to it to eating for your blood type and told me that every person can not be treated with one diet.

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