Dialysis solutions

Posted by ldrlaw @ldrlaw, Nov 8, 2023

My husband is on peritoneal dialysis at home. Currently he’s using two green solutions, and one (purple) Ico a day. He’s wondering if there is anyone, or if there have been studies of diabetic patients using all purple, because he thinks it’s better for his sugar level.

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@ldrlaw I believe the purple one is the one he dwells during the day? The green solution is the 2.5% glucose, correct? How is he coming to the conclusion the purple one is better for him?

Perhaps there has been some studies done by the two leading companies of the dialysis business here in the USA, Fresenius Kidney Care, and DaVita. Has your husband checked with his endocrinologist about the different types of dialysate solution used for him? I imagine his PD team was in communication with the rest of his medical team when setting up his prescription, so it would be interesting to hear their thoughts. For me, my team has always listened to insights the patients can give.

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