Diabetes treatment not working

Posted by leroyslife1234 @leroyslife1234, Jul 31, 2018

I would like this to get to a health care professional on diabetes.i have a brother who is being treated for diabetes.i don’t know who is the doctor. he is a walking skeleton and getting worse. I am having nightmares of him and I love him so.! someone please tell me what could be wrong. I believe he has been getting treatment for 2yrs?

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Hello @leroyslife1234 and welcome to Mayo Connect,

Your concern for your brother's well being is certainly understandable. It sounds as if his weight loss is causing you great concern. He is very fortunate to have you "in his corner" and trying to help him.

As we all know, we can only help another person to the extent that they allow us to help him. Is your brother open to talking with you about his health matters? Would he be open to having you join him for a doctor's appointment where you could discuss his weight loss and diabetes treatment? Does he have other health issues that might be contributing to his problems?

These are important questions to have answered by your brother before you can help him. I do admire your desire to be of assistance. It is very hard to see a loved one becoming ill, isn't it?

I look forward to hearing from you after you talk to your brother and find out from him, how you can help him.


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