Managing medications with Diabetes, Asthma, Kidney issues etc.

Posted by marye2 @marye2, Jul 17, 2021

My husband is a long time Type II diabetes patient with other things coming along. As we go to each Dr they take him off a med another doctor put him on and put on theirs. But, his kidneys, cardio and other issues remain. We are thinking he needs to get them on one page, so he is not weaning/adding all of the time. He is 73 and very obese. What do other people do in this case??

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Ah, ,Mary, this is such a common issue, second only to doctors who keep adding meds without taking older ones away. Is your husband's care through a large clinical practice, individual doctors in their own practices, the VA, or some combination? Knowing this will help us to give you some suggestions.
You are a good caregiver to recognize this issue before it puts him in the hospital.


...agree my spouse on many meds, came home from hospital after heart surgery, the cardiologist out of town added 2 blood thinners and some other meeds, but not noticed by pharmacy or us, some drugs have strange names too...that he was already on two ..... and visiting Nurse next morning via our Health Unit to dress leg wound which took over 3 months of daily dressings to heal, she noticed he would have been on FOUR blood thinners and could have bled to death. Bless her, she probably saved his life. She also took time to sore out the meds as very very confusing and causing stress and then she wrote on a sheet of paper which ones taken once a day, twice a day etc., and some not to take if blood pressure under a certain number! I ended up typing this on a sheet of paper clearly with name of drug, alternate name, why he was taking and whether or not am, pm, or both. I have updated it every time there has been a change.... he takes it to all appointments and keeps one in his vehicle .... I feel its important when taking so many to have them shown on list this way, its "work" in one way but makes it so much easier when attending new dr. appointment, clinics, etc. It also helps person taking the meds. NO point having pharmacy putting in daily dose containers as his meds constantly change.... good luck everyone.!

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