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I was wondering if anyone has experience with a device that allows you to drive without using accelerator and brake pedal. I'm okay now but can envision that my foot numbness could be a problem. Thanks

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@7510cahill – there is a post by @steeldove who I believe uses hand controls for driving. Here is the link to his post:

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Hi, @7510cahill – impressive you are thinking so far ahead and trying to prepare in case your foot numbness from neuropathy gets in the way of your driving with the usual foot pedals. Glad you connected with @johnbishop. Hoping that @jimhd @tonydez1967 @lorirenee1 @karen00 @phoenix0509 will have some input on any concerns they may have experienced related to driving with neuropathy and apparatuses that might make driving possible if the neuropathy makes it impossible at any point.

Will you share a bit more about the numbness you experience now in your feet, 7510cahill?


@7510cahill I tried the hand controls. It is an entirely different way of driving so you would need to take driver's lessons from someone qualified to do so. You would also need to get them installed on your vehicle. The simple ones can easily cost a thousand US dollars. The electronic that can be switched on and off so those who drive your car and do not have training in them can still use your car are much more expensive, but also easier to learn. The manual are bulky and so can only be used in large vehicles that will have the space. The other thing to think about is that neuropathy affects the whole nervous system. Thus your response time slows down. Slowed reflexes can lead to not being able to respond to bad driving situations. I did not want to face injuring or killing someone so I voluntarily gave up my license. That was also the recommendation of my doctor and occupational therapist. Doctors do not normally tell you their thoughts on you driving unless you ask. Only one state in the US gives immunity to doctors for reporting bad drivers so they usually are reticent to give any advice.

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