Depression and itching all over

Posted by dannybee @dannybee, Nov 24, 2021

I've been depressed off and on since 1988 when my mom passed away.. For the last 10-15 years I've had an all over body itch. I try to control it now with gabapenten and xanax. It works but its not my Xanax prescription. I'm taking Effexor but it doesn't work anymore for depression. I recently changed Drs and clinics bc I didn't feel my Dr took me seriously. That's what I do I give them a year, they don't help me with my itching or with my depression. I'm so tired of this I could scream and spit in their faces. Has anyone out there experienced all over body itching with any medication or depression?

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I’ve had bouts of itching & depression. I’m not sure my itching solutions will be of any help, but I’ll share them with you. My itching has by & large ceased lately when I changed toothpastes. Unbelievable I know. I had been using something my dentist had prescribed.

Additionally I always buy shampoo with tea tree oil in it for it’s lice propellent qualities. I also took a food sensitivities test & found out I react strongly to sesame seeds, which I learned is not uncommon. So I have been avoiding them. Through a little food eliminating I now believe I’m sensitive to bananas too. This particular sensitivity might be related to a latex one as well I’ve read.

I now run air purifiers throughout the house, removed latex items from the house. use hypoallergenic detergents, beefed up my house cleaning, avoid processed foods for the most part & purchase soap directly from a farm that doesn’t add any rubbish to it.

I’ve participated in a oxalate class (for other reasons) & some of the participants have experienced great trouble with oxalate crystals building up in their skin. If your meals are high in oxalates (almonds, spinach, beans, chocolate, etc.), you might try cutting back a little for a spell. But beware if you go cold turkey on cutting oxalates back you can feel worse. It is said this needs to be done gradually or they may start to “dump”.

The professional’s go-to seem to be lotions & all that. I don’t know why I don’t listen to them! So please take my advice with a grain of salt, which reminds me mineral baths (Epsom salts, etc) are of help too.

Losing a parent is a big deal. It can take it’s toll. I am sorry for your loss. They had a great webcast here on grief just recently. If you missed it you can watch the recording I hear. I hope you are feeling better soon.


Yes, a few times- when you have an overload of some types of meds, for me it was dilaudid pain meds in hospital. They did give me a pill to stop that episode (have to look it up). I've also read that continuous itching has a source in kidney issues. Hope this helps. Did you ever go the ER with it?


I am sorry that you lost your Mom too soon. Are you in grief or sorrow therapy? There is an excellent book titled Unattended Sorrow which helped me. Six months ago, my house burned down. 100% loss. But the worst is that my emotional support dog died in the fire. My grief was unbearable. The word grief doesn't even cut how I felt. I loved her as if she were my child. She was awesome and my constant companion. She cannot be replaced as each dog/person is unique. I learned the depth of my love = the depth of my sorrow. I see a grief counselor once a week. He has helped me begin to move on. Plus I take valium and bupropion. I am finally on the mend. Please seek the options 'out there' and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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