Depleted Hormones but no known cause?

Posted by morganjane @morganjane, Dec 27, 2023

I’m posting this here as I’m not sure which group it would be better suited for, endocrine or reproductive or both.
To start with, I am a 32 year old female. Odd issue happened that doctors don’t seem to know the cause of. Few years ago during my normal labs it was found that my Estrogen & Progesterone were almost completely depleted & my Testosterone was on the lower side. Of course, this has lead to me not really having a period & if I do, it lasts maybe a day & is very minimal at best. I wasn’t nor am I currently on any birth control, I have no cysts or anything going on in my reproductive system & I’ve never gotten an explanation as to what caused this.

The only other issue I have is that my thyroid has been enlarged for probably the last 5 years or so and I have a nodule on it, but all thyroid tests have come back normal.

This was the shortened version but does this sound like anything in particular? Any ideas?

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Have you had a scan of your thyroid gland?


Have you had a scan of your thyroid gland?

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I had an ultrasound in 2022. It’s enlarged with a small nodule but labs are all normal. I was told there’s nothing else to be done other than get an ultrasound every year to monitor it.


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I’m sorry to hear that your doctors don’t have an answer to your hormone problem.
Have you been seeing an Endocrinologist?
Did they test your pituitary hormones?


I would likely seek specific questions about what the tests mean and what your options are. I had little to no information from my doctors about menopause and that was not right. Since you are so young, I’d definitely get all the options to see if they can treat the condition. Also, maybe something is causing the problem that needs further exploration.


well I'm 45 years old,I've been put on hrt,gel, tablets as I'm in menopause.i also haven't had proper period since Christmas.x

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