dent in leg

Posted by serry @serry, Nov 6 10:29am

I have developed a vertical dent on the outside of left my calf, I have been going to Physio for 2 months after surgery and I have MS it seemed to appear over night ? I have been to the neurologist and he mentioned ALS I can't think of anything else now, can't get get an appointment with my Dr until nexy month, I am very scared..

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Dear Serry. I am sorry to hear about the MS and your concerns. You need positive thoughts. There is nothing you can do until your appt. After I was told of my Long Fiber Neuropathy and the problem with my legs I came home and googled LFN and ALS to see if they were somehow connected. I did this because my maternal grandmother passed from ALS a little over 70 years ago. Luckily nothing came up with LFN and ALS. There were a couple references to Short Fiber Neuropathy and ALS. My neurologist confirmed that ALS should not be a concern for me. Now just waiting results at the end of the month from all the bloodwork (13 different tests) and the EMGs on my upper and lower body.


Thank you so much for the info, I know I will have to stop googling and scaring myself and just wait for the Doctor and Mri, I don't like my neuro he did mention Als but never even examined my leg ! its just a waiting game I guess.

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