Day 19 Post-Revision Surgery - Milestones!

Posted by babette @babette, Nov 6, 2019

Hi everyone – I've just returned from my first post-op visit with my surgeon in Boston. He removed my stitches, examined the knee and surrounding area, studied X-rays and PT's report, and announced that I'm right on track even "ahead of the curve!" I've felt this all along and am so grateful to be at this stage of a horribly long process. Other news: he wants me to transition to a cane, has given permission to drive "as soon as I feel ready," a script for outpatient PT, and praise for my +1/110 flexion. So it was a good day after many, many months of very bad days. I guess the moral of the story is *persist*. There are dark places out there when one is in pain and convinced nothing will ever heal. My deep empathy and hope for all who are there and encouragement for everyone moving along to a better time.

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@babette. It’s so good to hear you being so positive, you went through a lot before your revision. I am genuinely happy for you.

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