Damage to lymphatic system

Posted by charlena @charlena, Aug 19, 2016

My husband has severe damage to his lymphatic system caused from inguinal hernia surgery. He has had multiple occurrences of life threatening cellulitis and will always be at risk for strep and cellulitis. Every time he has surgery he has a strep infection and cellulitis. Does anyone here have this problem or know anyone who does and what, if any, medication regimen they are on. My husband is on 500 mg bid of Pen VK and will continue to take this medication indefinitely. Thank you for any information.

Hi @charlena. I’m tagging @pmack and @chgorich who may be able to provide some insight and advice. Also, here is some information on treatment and prevention of cellulitis that might be helpful: http://mayocl.in/2brGBab. While you know the root of the problem for your husband, there might be a few prevention tips that could work in the future. @charlena, are doctors recommending an additional medication or switching it?

No additional meds and not switching either at this time. Thankfully, he has not had a cellulitis episode since beginning the Pen VK. Every time he has surgery he has to take Vancomycin as well. I feel certain there must be a drawback to being on the Pen VK indefinitely . . . . .

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