Pain due to colon cancer surgery

Posted by nreedstx7576 @nreedstx7576, Nov 25, 2022

My dad had half of his colon removed october. He had stage one colon cancer. They said they got it all. He is also in stage 4 kidney failure which he has diabetes due to his kidney problem. He is hoping to get on the transplant list.

Since his surgery, he is in terrible pain, can’t eat a lot and almost every other week he rubs a low grade fever and throws up clear liquid. He had gone to his kidney dr and regular dr and they have not done anything.

I have reached out bc I don’t know what dr he should see and he is stubborn but I am really worried that there is an infection, SBS, or bleeding. I am asking for any guidance on what I should do.

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I had surgery 6 months ago to remove stage 3 cancerous tumor in my colon... 2 ft of intestine was removed and resection 6 months later I am experiencing pain in my stomach as well as gas and a few times vomiting. Last few days, I am on the toilet passing a bit of stool and gas. Would this mean an obstruction is back and I need more surgery? I have chosen not to do chemo but immunotherapy and this has not begun. I am stressed and worried that I have eaten something I shouldn't have and it may have caused damage to what was a successful surgery. Wasn't having any trouble until a few months agol. I have an appt with my oncologist in a week. I really am depressed and hopefully it is something that can be corrected. Wish me God's speed. Thank you.


I had the similar problems. It turned out to be aspirin. It does something to reduce digestive tract mucus.


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I can see you're very worried about your dad. It can take time to heal from a major surgery, but he should consult with the surgeon to make sure everything is healing as it should and to rule out blockage or infection or something else that could be the cause of the pain.

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My dad was stubborn too. I know that can be challenging to navigate. But your dad doesn't have to grin and bear the pain. Even if it is a regular part of the healing, they may be able to help make him more comfortable. If it is nothing, he can have the pleasure of telling you "I told you so." That would be a small price to pay for peace of mind, right?

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