CT SCAN need explanation

Posted by rajoy1 @rajoy1, Dec 2, 2021

Hi this is my CT scan. Can anyone help to explain? What are the things i should be most concerned about? And what are the things i can ignore?
Is this quite a normal report? Or not so? Anything need to address urgently? Pls help

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Hi @rajoy1, I see that you've had a CT scan done of your chest, abdomen and pelvis. It is best to discuss the result of the imaging study with the doctor who ordered it as they will review these results along with other medical history and testing. Googling each term will help you be prepared for the consult with your doctor, but they will piece it together specifically for your situation.

When do you have your appointment with your doctor to review the CT scan? What issue or problems led you and your doctor to order a CT scan?

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