Cryotherapy for PMR pain?

Posted by ldingwall88 @ldingwall88, Sep 28, 2022

Hi everyone, my sister suggested trying cryotherapy for PMR pain. I've never heard of it. Does anyone know if it's helpful?

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@ldingwall88 – From the limited reading I've done on the topic, I think any relief you might get is short lived but I have not tried it and prednisone is still the gold standard treatment when it comes to PMR. While we wait for anyone to share their experience, here are a few articles on the topic.

— [Whole-body cryotherapy in rehabilitation of patients with rheumatoid diseases–pilot study]:
— Benefits of Cryotherapy:


ldingwall88 Did you try cryotherapy? I am currently going to PT for bilateral trochanter bursitis and my therapist recently suggested I consider it. I tried it pre-pandemic . It was helpful to break the pain cycle but as the link John provided it was not found to be effective in providing long term relief. Sometimes breaking the pain cycle is the gift I need to help me face the day. I am now looking for one near me because the one I went to closed down during the pandemic.

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