Cryotherapy - Does it provide relief for sensory neuropathy?

Posted by John, Volunteer Mentor @johnbishop, Aug 22, 2021

Hi @lincolned, Thank you for the private message. I thought I would start a new discussion on the topic since I noticed that both @vbp85 and @trip17 have discussed in other discussions and may have some experience to share with you. I have never tried it but I do not have pain with my neuropathy. I only have numbness.

I did find a study from Dec. 2020 that discusses Cryotherapy that may shed some light on the topic – "In general, we noticed that as long as patients are screened and those with prior conditions such as cryoglobulinemia, Raynaud’s disease, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, peripheral vascular diseases, or insensate skin are advised not to use cryotherapy, cryotherapy is fairly safe with only mild and sparse side effects. Overall, evidence suggests that both non-local and local cryotherapy can be considered low-risk and easy treatment options to add in the management of chronic pain in carefully selected patients. Future research should focus on finding a more standardized application of cryotherapy, as well as include a wider array of chronic diseases associated with chronic pain. In addition, since chronic pain is persistent and long-lasting, future research should focus on the long-term effects of cryotherapy on chronic pain." — Use of Cryotherapy for Managing Chronic Pain: An Evidence-Based Narrative:

Have you done any research into using cryotherapy to provide some relief or discussed using it with your doctor or neurologist?

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Thankyou. I should probably discuss this with a neurologist as well and will.

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