Cryoblation treatment of prostate

Posted by rjcoach1951 @rjcoach1951, Apr 8 12:12pm

Anyone had Cryoblation treatment of prostate.

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Hi @rjcoach1951, as you know cryotherapy, also called cryoblation, for prostate cancer is a procedure to freeze prostate tissue and cause the cancer cells to die. Here's more info from Mayo Clinic
- Cryotherapy for prostate cancer

Ablative treatments use extreme heat or cold or other methods to destroy (ablate) prostate tissue, rather than removing it with surgery or treating it with radiation. Other types of ablative therapies include high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), photodynamic therapy (PDT) and focal laser ablation (FLA).

RJCoach, has cryotherapy been recommended for you or are you researching options?

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