CRPS and Degenerative disc disease: Frustrated

Posted by scozzyrox777 @scozzyrox777, Jan 15, 2022

Hello all I am suffering horribly I have had a total of 6 back surgeries 5 lumbar lower lumbar fusion and most recently cervical neck fusion. I am now much worse after cervical fusion. I cannot sleep more than 3 to 4 hours and then awake from the pain in my shoulders neck arms hands and fingers excruciating pain… It is constant 10 24/7… I have tried opiate's and Baclofen and Lyrica…just got a Boston Scientific stimulator in my cervical region yesterday… I was hopeful but woke in same horrible pain again after 5 hours rest…had to reach for my Percocet immediately and Baclofen… Doctor seems to think I have CRPS and Carpel tunnel and ulnar nerve damage as well. Nothing is helping except the pin meds provide some relief. But he wants me off the pain meds and has tried twice unsuccessfully…. Feeling very frustrated and hopeless…Please HELP… my hands and fingers feel like balloons and on fire every morning neck and shoulders stiff 24/7

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@scozzyrox777 You may want to consult a neurologist. If you do have symptoms consistent with carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve pain, you may want to ask for an evaluation for thoracic outlet syndrome. If you just had cervical spine surgery, it could be enhancing pain from another issue. I do have thoracic outlet syndrome, and also had anterior cervical spine surgery. It did cause more pain for a few months with my TOS symptoms with both radial and ulnar nerve pain affecting my hands and all my fingers. My incision from a C5/C6 fusion was physically very close to the TOS issues where the nerve to my arms passes between the ribs and collar bone. My physical therapist could help a lot, but only after my surgeon had cleared me for physical therapy. My PT was also doing myofascial release which helps relieve tightness in fascial tissue, and later when appropriate, it loosened the surgical scar tissue. If your surgery is very recent, it make take some time before the inflammation improves.

This discussion has a lot of information and links about myofascial release physical therapy.

Unfortunately, TOS is missed a lot and misunderstood.

Have you heard about TOS before? Have your doctors considered it as a possible diagnosis?


I tried everything under the sun for CRPS and had the most success with LDN (low dose naltrexone). IV ketamine infusions are also said to be very effective if your insurance will cover.


You might want to check out Dr Phillip Getson. Videos on U tube. Good luck.

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