Correct way of checking for spina bifida

Posted by syloplast1 @syloplast1, Jan 7, 2020

So a few months back I had questioned my doctor about my spin sticking out regularly more then anyone else I know. As well as I received shooting pain from the parts on my spine the sticks out the most. The pain comes mainly while sitting in car about 20mins into being in the car. And hard seats with hard backs, most of the time my back again hard things always creates a bad pain. So I brought it up to my doctor and I was wanting to know the ways of knowing if an adult has spineobifea. Let me add I have ask two others (nurse,docotor) they had me bend and they felt down both side of my spine and told me I did not. The pain then continued so I felt to asking my main doctor and he did the same, had me bend over and felt down both side of spine then informed me I did have it. That my spine created an s formation then straight. Then proceeded to say he needed to check another way as well. (I’m going to add the entire time it was only me(female) and my doctor(male) in room. So he had me come to the patent bed and ask me to bend over and pull down my pants n panties n informed me it was another way of checking. Then he put gloves on and stuck one finger in my vagina and one finger in my butt at once felt around and then 2 mins after removed them and then reinforced his statement of me having spineobifea. Then stated we will discuss it more at future visit. I want to know if this is a correct why of checking. Also would like to know if legally he is about to do that with only me and himself in room with door shut and the office being close by the time I had left the building. He had me there 2hrs past his office closing. I’m going too add that he runs his own practice and it partans a respitionist and a biling assistant but other then that just himself. Please help me know what is correct and incorrect and if theres anything that should be done. I felt it was weird and no one else knows what to tell me about how diagnosis things.

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Hello @syloplast1, and welcome to Connect. While I am not a medical professional and cannot offer medical advice, here is what I found with some brief research on diagnosing spina bifida, What is difficult is much of the information out there is related to prenatal and fetal spina bifida. Did they mention what type of spina bifida? It appears as though spina bifida occulta can go undetected in to adulthood and sometimes a person can go through life without being diagnosed because this particular type does not ever create any symptoms.

If you feel you have been treated improperly, it may be worth contacting your state's medical board to discuss what happened. They should be able to give you more guidance on whether or not that is an acceptable way of diagnosing and how to proceed moving forward if it is not.

@syloplast1, did your doctor discuss what tests or next steps would be in the next appointment? Are you able to get a second opinion or contact someone else you trust to discuss your experience?


Welcome @syloplast1 MayoClinicConnect is an online community that shares health journeys, information, and support, but we’re not doctors. I do agree with @JustinMcClanahan that if you feel at all uncomfortable with your recent experience, you might contact the local medical board.
Also, you have referred to diagnosing spinal bifida. What I think you have is scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. You might ask your doctor for a referral to an orthopedic doctor who can diagnose and treat scoliosis. Can you do this? And let me know what you find out!


Hello @syloplast1,

I agree with @becsbuddy and @JustinMcClanahan that getting a second opinion with another physician regarding your diagnosis is very important.

I also understand your questioning of the doctor's method of examination. While I don't know how this type of disorder is normally diagnosed, it would seem to be in your best interest to discuss your experience (of the previous doctor's examination) with another professional.

Will you post again?

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