Continuing Exercises for strength on THR revision due to Dislocations

Posted by p11 @p11, Jan 6 10:52pm

Revision due to multiple dislocations. 9 months post surgery. Treadmill/walking fine. Stationary bike or resistance band makes hip feel “pinchy “ sore. Any ideas to continue to push these exercises to keep from dislocating again? The abductor exercises are particularly painful. Thank you

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Hello, After 2 total hips and 3 revisions, plus a dislocation, I understand your concern with having it happen again.
I was having trouble fully recovering after the 5th surgery, and talked frankly to my surgeon about my concerns. He referred me to a Rehab Therapy group that specializes in complex rehab after injury, which is what repeat dislocations truly are. The therapists were held doctorates in PT, with specializations. I was subjected to a complete evaluation of muscle tone, mobility and gait and prescribed an individualized program that included stretching, strengthening and gait training.
I was seen twice a week for 6 weeks, then weekly for 6 more weeks – expensive with my copays, but worth every penny.
Do you think your surgeon would be open to such a plan?

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