Consultation prior to total knee replacement

Posted by buickturboman @buickturboman, May 22, 2021

Has your doctor educated you prior to TKR on what the outcomes you face may be?
I had both knees replaced my top doctors in Maryland and neither one counseled me what I could face after replacement. No education like if you fall, you may not be likely to stand up on your own, or how scar tissue can adversely affect your outcome as it has mine. I went from hurtful knees to disabled knees because of scar tissue. Manipulation didn’t help.

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@buickturboman, I'm sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with both of your knee replacements. I had a consultation with my Mayo Clinic surgeon prior to having my right knee replaced and he did go over risks of the surgery with me including possible nerve damage. At the time, my knee was killing me with pain and I didn't care about the risks, I just wanted it fixed. I had several cortisone shots prior to the knee replacement but they didn't last long. I have to be careful going up and down stairs and I can't kneel on the ground without struggling to get up but I'm OK with my new normal.

Have you considered or discussed knee revision surgery with your doctor or surgeon to see if that might be an option to help you? @babette may be able to share her experience with knee revision surgery. Here's some information that might be helpful.

Knee Replacement Revision Surgery: What You Need to Know:


@buickturboman : I was in a similar situation as John, a really painful knee, that initially got cortisone shots, then arthroscopic surgery in hope of avoiding replacement. Pain persisted, so TKR. Surgeon did NOT give a lot of details and I was too uninformed (and in too much pain, and under time pressure due to some circumstances), so I never asked the right questions. I was lucky that other than the painful aftermath of surgery, and equally painful rehab, the end result was good. No nerve damage, no scar tissue, great flex.
However, I am still very careful going down stairs (no pain, just cautious), I absolutely cannot kneel without a pillow or some such, and even then it hurts, and I was cautioned against walking steep downhills (up is fine), and no more singles tennis, and doubles only of clay courts. And antibiotics before each dental treatment.


@buickturboman I actually cannot remember if my surgeon did go over all of that but I suspect he did. I know that I went into it fully realizing potential problems and made the decision that I would be better off anyway. I had tremendous trust in my surgeon, he is very highly regarded.

I'm sorry you are going through so much now. My only problem is less flex than I would like. It tends to hover at around 20°. I did not research the surgeon who did my first knee quite as well and that knee does give me some discomfort after a lot of exercise but I would not call it pain.

As @johnbishop mentioned, @babette did go through a lot of problems and then had a revision and was much happier. Hopefully she will see this and chime in.

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