Confused: test didn't detect neuropathy, but many symptoms

Posted by da20pilot @da20pilot, Feb 13, 2020

Judging from the other posts I am not alone and extremely disappointed with the current health care i am receiving. I was given a chemo pill and got some form of neuropathy. I was a daily drinker at the time as well had a fair amount of anxiety and on and off hypothyroidism. Fell into a depressed state for many years. Was given opioids for the last 12 years to treat what I would call severe pain in my feet legs and hands and life was bearable. I fall down constantly. My doctor took a position in a hospital so I was referred to a pain clinic Now they wont give me the opioids to me because a nerve test couldn’t detect neuropathy. The current doctor had me convinced I didn’t need them so I started taking less. I can barely walk. The burning has moved to my chest. I haven’t slept in days. It feels like I’m standing barefoot on ice. My legs feel like I ran a marathon the day before and the cramping after a short walk is unbearable. I cant believe they expect me to live like this. I at a total loss. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Happy Valentine’s Day everybody I hope it’s a very uneventful day for you when it comes to pain stuff may you feel some kind of love today

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Same to you Robin! Thank you.


About falling, I have no sense of balance, but if I look at my feet in the shower, then I have a better chance of knowing where they are. I fall a lot too, but I try to stay in my wheelchair except in the shower. We gutted our bathroom and had a walk in shower put in so that way, I can get my wheelchair up to a large stone bench and that has made it safer for me. I used to have one of those portable plastic benches, but when I would fall, the bench would fall with me and I would be stuck on the floor until my husband could rescue me.

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I know this is really bad I fall in slow motion it’s like I try to catch myself and I don’t so I slowly fall down I’m sure one day I’ll start falling hard and I will need my walker more!

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