Confused by Breast Ultrasound - Next Steps with Complex Cyst

Posted by tag0927 @tag0927, Mar 28 7:52pm

Everything I am reading is that a breast complex cyst should be biopsied. This is even stated on the healthcare provider website who performed the ultrasound. Below is from my ultrasound and the recommendation is benign and follow-up in a year. Yet clearly states complex cyst. I don't want more tests than I need, but don't want to miss something either. Any advice?

There is a benign 1 cm x 1 cm x 0.4 cm lobulated complex cyst in the
right breast at 12 o'clock middle depth. This lobulated complex cyst is
hypoechoic and septated. This correlates with mammography findings. Color flow imaging demonstrates that there is no vascularity present.

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Have you asked your provider for a biopsy? Express your concern and anxiety about waiting a year.

If provider does not agree, get a 2nd opinion.

Hopefully it is benign, but if do not get confirmed, you will constantly be wondering for next year.

Keep advocating for yourself.



Second opinion for sure. Hoping first opinion is correct but that’s a long time to “ wonder”. Biopsy or MRI may confirm.


I had complex cyst amongst I dunno how many others ie calcifications etc I didn’t have a biopsy bc there was no vascular it’s either, however I had follow up more frequently – not in one year my breasts r dense therefore Mamm’s US & Interestingly an MRI showed a cancerous lump that the other 2 imaging didn’t pick up
Go figure- nothing is perfect


Thank you for all the replies. While the radiologist said "benign and follow-up in one year," my dr. is sending me to a breast specialist/general surgeon for follow-up. I'm confident it will be benign but certainly don't want to take any chances and wait a full year. Healthy wishes to all!

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