conformis hip replacement device

Posted by marthaellen @marthaellen, Jun 7, 2019

Just information, had the Conformis total hip replacement May 20th 2019, and so far pleased only pain is at incision, only burning at times. No hip pain, which is so great, as I waited for 18 months for a physician who would use the conformis hip. I chose that device as I have scoliosis, and research had proved that just any device "off the shelf" would NOT be appropriate for my spinal deformity, although the 5 orthopedic surgeons I consulted denied that fact . In essence, telling me that the research, and my common sense were totally in error, only they knew the facts. will keep sending results as I heal, for more information to those considering THR. thanks martha

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Hi Martha @marthaellen – Congratulations on your great results with the THR. You are coming up on 3 weeks post op so I bet the worst is over! I appreciate you letting us know that things went well. Sometimes we see a lot of bad news on Connect and only a little of the good news. Yours is definitely in the Good News category and I love that! Also, I love it that you were proactive about being your own health care advocate. Sometimes its easy to be dissuaded from our own knowledge, intuition and judgement by the medical experts. You stood up for what you wanted and that was terrific. Were you in lots of pain prior to the surgery? If so, I'm sure this is a relief. Wishing you the best in your recovery.


Martha, good to hear about your positive experience with the Conformis replacement option. I had a TKR 2 years ago with the Conformis "hardware' and I couldn't be happier with the results. A customized approach always made complete sense to me. Cheers, Jeff


So happy to hear you’re doing well with your Conformis hip replacement. I hope you continue to heal quickly and happily. Today i am 7 weeks and 1 day postop from my bi-lateral Total Knee Replacements. I would highly recommend everyone considering a knee replacement to find a Dr. who is trained on Conformis. I have worked hard on PT at the clinic and at home and my ROM is 126. Not able to get past 5 on flattening but hoping that gets better over time and continued work. I recognize that I have been lucky so far and had no medical setbacks like some who have written in. Anyway, I am recommending Conformis and a good Dr. if your going to do a TKR. Donna


@marthaellen congratulations on your new hip! I had a Conformis TKR in October 2017, done by one of the developers of the Conformis knee and could not be happier. I think the doctors who told you that you didn’t need it just said that because they don’t do it. It apparently is more expensive than other TKRs but it’s worth it. No pain here, and my incision never hurt either.

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