Conflicting sputum results and MAJOR body pain

Hi Group, I hope everyone is doing well. Couple of things for me: My July sputum came back negative and nothing grew over 6 weeks. My August sputum came back positive. I take all my meds and I nebulize every day so I am guessing my July sputum must have been incomplete? Monday I will drop off two sputums – one for MAC and one for fungus. So, needless to say, I am super disappointed and a little miffed at my doctors reaction. My biggest problem over the past several months has been the severe body and joint aches and also the back of my neck. It is so painful I can't sleep and have to sit up or get up and move around. Does anyone else struggle greatly with the terrible body pain? I was taking two alive at night before bed just to make it through but now that doesn't seem to work. I am seriously considering suspending the meds to see if this resolves. ANY input as to the conflicting sputum and the body pain would be appreciated.

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@bluesplashgirl…I'm glad you are sending in another sputum sample. Lab results have a small error rate. Please don't stop your meds until your doctor (PCP) has ruled out arthritis, fibromyalgia, tick-borne disease and several other possible causes. I found that fibro caused less sleep and less sleep caused more pain. Acupuncture plus Cymbalta has my pain under control now. Severe pain is difficult to cope with since it interferes with sleep, meditation, and other pain relief actions. It's OK to demand that your doctor actively search for answers. Pain is not "all in your head" .Don't get discouraged, we are all rooting for you.

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