Concerned I may have a tape worm or thread worms

Posted by gdixon @gdixon, Aug 22, 2018

I went to the doctors a few days ago to see a Corectal Consultant as I have been passing (I think) mucus for a while now when I open my bowls and occasionally throughout the day… I had been especially concerned in the few days leading up to the appointment, having noticed the mucus being very white in colour and, sorry to be graphic, but very gooey/stringy. I think it has been like this for a while now but it’s suddenly come to my attention more recently – perhaps there’s just more of it so it’s become more noticeable to me. I've definitely had mucus for a few months but I don't think so much so like this.

After examining my back passage, the consultant said he doesn’t think I have anything to worry about, but I still feel a bit concerned because I’m not sure I stressed to him enough that I’m not actually sure whether it is mucus or not. I might not have been descriptive enough! If it is mucus then I’m not worried – I’m just concerned it may instead be thread worms, or even a tapeworm. I feel a bit uncomfortable going back to him since he dismissed me before so would hugely appreciate some guidance with determining what it may be.

I’ve been abroad the past couple of months in Asia so that may increase the likelihood of recently getting a tapeworm infection since I know they’re uncommon in the UK. However I’ve also struggled gaining weight after loosing weight a few years ago now, which I understand can be symptom of having a tapeworm. Perhaps I’m just being a massive hypochondriac but I know it would put my mind more at ease knowing what it is! Thank you.
I do have a photo as well which would probably help, but it's obviously not very nice so I'm not sure its appropriate to upload!

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Hello @gdixon,

I sincerely apologize for the delay in replying but nonetheless I'd like to extend a warm welcome to Connect. I also want to let you know that you are certainly not "a massive hypochondriac" but naturally concerned about your health–like all of us here.

I'm tagging @jeremybabbs @clemlaa @claudiabrende as they've talked about mucous in stools, and might be able to shed more light on this.
I also encourage you to read this article,, which has information about various reason for the presence of mucous.

How are you feeling now, @gdixon?

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