Compression Garment feels like torture: How do you get comfortable?

Posted by frogjumper @frogjumper, Apr 15, 2023

Following lumpectomy, SNLB, and breast reduction I have on a compression garment. Not sure but this thing feels a bit like a torture device. Should it feel this way? It's doing a great job of keeping the swelling away but I am not sure I can wear this thing 24/7 for 2 weeks. Anyone else been totally uncomfortable wearing these?
Thanks in advance for your hep!!

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Not a pleasant garment. My arm sleeve only bothered my upper arm. Too loose and it doesn't do any good, but if you feel it's too tight, get a second opinion about it. Best of luck.


Hi there…
Felt totally constricted at first it seems a little loose
Maybe the swelling is gone It’s not really comfortable with those forms in it but it’s not tight on day 6.. I don’t see the PA till next We’d when she will change the dressing and bra out.
BTW I got my first tests back…clean margins, clean sentinel nodes. Great news! Onto radiation and because the tumor was bigger than she thought probably some type of hormone therapy for 5/10 years. Let me know when you hear. Hugs


Yay on the good news!!!! So happy for you 🙂 Wednesday I see the plastic surgeon and today the garment while still not comfy cozy is a bit better. I did put a soft cotton short sleeve t-shirt on under it and loosened the top straps so it was not cutting into my SLNB stitches under my arm. My incisions are starting to itch so its a good thing this thing is on me or I would be scratching (shame on me) .
I am so happy for you with your results, I hope mine are as good as yours 🙂 Here's to good health 🙂 cheers!!

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