Polyps found: Is conventional dysplasia really dysplasia

Posted by brownsf @brownsf, May 15 7:04pm

I just had a colonoscopy and two
polyps were found/removed: a cecal sessile serrated adenoma with “conventional dysplasia “ and a tubular adenoma in the right colon . I
was very concerned about the conventional dysplasia polyp referenced in pathology report. My doctor said he spoke to the pathologist because he’s never seen this terminology in 40
years of practice. The pathologist told him there is no dysplasia and the polyp is benign. I’m confused. Is conventional dysplasia not dysplasia? Why does the path report seem to say something different than the pathologist who
wrote it? Also, my doctor said to get another colonoscopy in
1-2 years. If it’s benign, why get another colonoscopy so soon? I’m a 78 year old male. Thanks for any advice/clarification.

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Hi @brownsf, I'm a "polyp producer" in other words, polyps both precancerous and non-cancerous have been found during colonoscopies. Thus I am scheduled to get colonoscopies every 2 or 3 years.


I am a polyp producer also. Followed the guidelines for discontinuing screenings at age 80. Five years later at age 85 had stage 1B colon cancer. I had surgery and 6 rounds of chemotherapy. I now get screened every two years and they always find precancerous polyps. Keep screening! BT

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