Colon Resection After Colonoscopy

Posted by 3042685802 @3042685802, Jan 8 8:27am

Approximately, 2 yrs ago I had a resection at the junction of the large and small intestine (5” of the large intestine removed as well as the valve between the two intestines) It was required as a result of a perforated bowl during a routine colonoscopy. The resection was conducted in an emergency situation. Afterwards, there was normal and abnormal pain. I healed over a long period of time (6 mos). However, during the hospital stay, I was experiencing major pain and learned thru an extensive test that the gall bladder was functioning at 70%. I chose not to have the gall bladder removed for two reasons. 1, insurance wouldn’t cover elective surgery and 2, I didn’t want to live wo a gall bladder for clinical reasons. Now, fast forward 2 years and the pain has returned on both sides of the stomach (internal pain) and it is intermittent. There is also excruciating pain when bowels move which is also intermittent. I don’t want to go to the doctor and complain as I know I will likely go thru another Colonoscopy. After this past occurrence, I made a decision not to do that again knowing full well they removed seven polyps. I am 66 now and in fairly good health. In the past 5 years I’ve had reconstruction of C4-C7 using cadaver bone and titanium and breast cancer resulting w a mastectomy. Should I be concerned w this return pain? How do I avoid another colonoscopy? I’ve had three colonoscopies in previous years.

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Hello @3042685802 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am sorry to hear of the pain you are experiencing. I can also understand your hesitation to have another colonoscopy after your previous experience. You have certainly addressed a lot of health issues and it is understandable to put this one-off, however, it will undoubtedly need to be addressed if the pain is that severe even on an intermittent basis.

Are you seeing a new GI doctor now? If not, you may have more confidence in another doctor. It would certainly be good to get a second opinion on what may be causing the pain. If you are able to go to another doctor you might try to go to a large medical facility such as a university medical school or a facility like Mayo Clinic. These types of health care facilities do a lot of research and use a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding what is going on. They are the best resource to help a person with a hard to diagnose the problem.

Would you be able to make an appointment at a health care center like this?


Have you had a ct scan? Or a gallbladder ultrasound sound? Those tests might show the source of the pain. A colonoscopy may not be warranted and I certainly would not have the same gastroenterologist who perforated my bowel anywhere near me. It takes several years for a polyp to become cancerous so I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that that is what has happened to you.


I agree with @rits that you may not need a colonoscopy to find out where your pain comes from. Ultrasound is used often as well as CT and MRI.
You had major abdominal surgery- there could be adhesions.
Keeping your gallbladder is a great decision as long as it doesn’t cause serious problems. I wish I still had mine!
I also had a mastectomy as well as several colonoscopies – once with perforation. I’m lucky to live close to the hospital and could get treated fast. I was so sick, but avoided surgery.
See if you can find another gastroenterologist- I went to Mayo for care after the local doctor caused the perforation.

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