Worried I might have Colon cancer: What are the signs?

Posted by rosiejen68 @rosiejen68, Sep 1, 2022

Positive Qfit test
Gross pain in lower back
And right groin unable to sit for long period due to pain and pressure in my bottom
Diarrhea lasting hours with severe lower abdominal cramps indigestion
Feeling of pressure right side of abdomen
I’m waiting a Colonscopy plus CT Scan
Worried this could be colorectal
Cancer ..
Please help me !
With any advise or similar symptoms
Thank you

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I’m sorry you are having so many distressing symptoms.
In January 2021 I was not able to sit without pain, had abdominal pain, some diarrhea, and difficulty urinating. I went to the ER and had a CT , they found masses in my abdomen. It was stage 4 anal cancer. After the colonoscopy but before treatment started my bowel was completely blocked. I had to have a colostomy. After radiation, chemo, and now immunotherapy there is no sign of cancer.
I am not trying to scare you, but if you have to wait long for your tests, you may want to think about going to the ER to get the CT right away. I pray that it is nothing serious.


@rosiejen68, I can see you are very worried. The symptoms you describe warrant further investigation and I'm glad that further tests have been scheduled.

Did you have your colonoscopy and CT scan?

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